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Whahhhh... it's a penguin!!!!1111 ZOMG!!! Torrent please!!!!111 {Tux goes MorphOS...}

"Tux goes MorphOS" is a project idea to extend current existing solutions (GeeksGadgets) by providing a wide range of application ports from Linux-, BSD- and other OSes to MorphOS in a easy to install and in most parts standardized way to support developers, but also users.

The final goal of the project is the availablity of most important tools and libraries from the named OSes on MorphOS in binary-, but also in source-form which easily can be managed, installed and uninstalled by a simple portage-like system which automaticaly take care of requirements and dependencies.
.download: Tux goes MorphOS Tux goes MorphOS 0.2 2005/01/08 14.9 KiB  .txt n/a
General help and info guide about the "Tux goes MorphOS..." project. Please read it before you're going to download packages. It contains all information you need.
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.download: Logo (large) Logo (large) - 2005/01/08 34.1 KiB  .png n/a
Larger version of the logo picture.
In following table you find all currently available packages. A blue label on the disk icon symbolizes that the package has a "stable" status, a red one that it has a "testing" status.
.download: cmatrix 1.2a [MorphOS] cmatrix 1.2a [MorphOS] 1.2a 2005/01/09 115.9 KiB  .lha Show
An ncurses based app to show a scrolling screen from the Matrix
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.download: curl 7.12.3 [MorphOS] curl 7.12.3 [MorphOS] 7.12 2005/01/08 1017.1 KiB  .lha n/a
A client that groks URLs. Build supports kerberos5 and SSL.
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.download: cvs 1.12.11 [MorphOS] cvs 1.12.11 [MorphOS] 1.12 2005/01/08 1396.0 KiB  .lha n/a
Concurrent Versions System - source code revision control tools.
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.download: db 4.3.27 [MorphOS] db 4.3.27 [MorphOS] 4.3 2005/01/08 7218.6 KiB  .lha n/a
Berkeley DB, a open source embedded database library.
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.download: epic4 2.2 [MorphOS] epic4 2.2 [MorphOS] 2.2 2005/01/09 1147.6 KiB  .lha Show
Enhanced, programmable and console based Internet Relay Chat client.
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.download: expat 1.95.8 [MorphOS] expat 1.95.8 [MorphOS] 1.95 2005/01/08 132.7 KiB  .lha n/a
A stream-oriented XML parsing library written in C.
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.download: gettext 0.14 [MorphOS] gettext 0.14 [MorphOS] 0.14 2005/01/08 11961.6 KiB  .lha n/a
GNU locale utilities
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.download: glib 2.6.0 [MorphOS] glib 2.6.0 [MorphOS] 2.6 2005/01/08 2753.2 KiB  .lha n/a
Low-level core library that forms the basis for projects such as GTK+ and GNOME.
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.download: krb5 1.3.6 [MorphOS] krb5 1.3.6 [MorphOS] 1.3 2005/01/08 8971.0 KiB  .lha n/a
MIT Kerberos5, a network authentication protocol using secret-key cryptography.
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.download: nano 1.2.3 [MorphOS] nano 1.2.3 [MorphOS] 1.2 2005/01/08 205.2 KiB  .lha Show
A small, free and friendly editor which aims to replace Pico.
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