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binary:riot (A Surprisingly Fruity Temporary Website)
This site is no longer updated and currently only serves as archive for old releases. Newer releases by binaryriot can be found at: tokai.binaryriot.org/public/

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Euph0ria [MorphOS] Euph0ria [MorphOS] 1.2 2004/11/05 108.1 KiB  .lha more
MUI'ed visual plugin for AmiNetRadio, Kaya or AmigaAMP with more than 1800 incredible effect combinations and interesting features.
tokai is crazy!
.download: MisterBanana [MorphOS] MisterBanana [MorphOS] 1.3 2005/05/06 32.5 KiB  .lha Show
Little fellow for your Desktop. He knows the truth about the next MorphOS and why OS4 is not called AmigaOS. He's the always happy "Deep Throat" of the Amiga Community.
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