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{releases: open source ports}

Here you find a few port I've done just for fun. Actually these are just lame recompiles. But I'm pretty sure some people are out there who are more lazy than I and appreciate the quick download of precompiled binaries. :)

More ports are available in the "Tux goes MorphOS" section
.download: LAME 3.96 [MorphOS] LAME 3.96 [MorphOS] 3.96 2004/04/13 303.5 KiB  .lha n/a
New 3.96 version of the high-quality and ultra fast LGPL'd MP3 encoder. MorphOS non-ixemul binary archive.
tokai is crazy!
.download: miau 0.5.3 [MorphOS] miau 0.5.3 [MorphOS] 0.5 2004/06/08 76.8 KiB  .lha n/a
miau is small but quite featured IRC-bouncer - a service a bit like HTTP-proxy, but for IRC-networks. This is the 'hairball' build.
tokai is crazy!
.download: mkvtoolnix 0.9.1 [MorphOS] mkvtoolnix 0.9.1 [MorphOS] 0.9 2004/06/21 4456.5 KiB  .lha n/a
MKVtoolnix is a easy-to-use set of command-line tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files (.mkv). The archive contains the 0.9.1 build for MorphOS.
tokai is crazy!
.download: mmsclient [MorphOS] mmsclient [MorphOS] 0.03 2003/10/10 20.6 KiB  .lha n/a
Downloads ASF Internet streams using MMS protocol, e.g. CNN video and similar. MMS://-type urls can be found in ASX files.
tokai is crazy!
.download: ogmtools [MorphOS] ogmtools [MorphOS] 1.4.1 2004/10/05 845.3 KiB  .lha n/a
ogmtools allow information about or extraction from or creation of or the splitting of OGG media streams.
tokai is crazy!
.download: ramspeed [MorphOS] ramspeed [MorphOS] 1.42 2004/11/03 40.3 KiB  .lha n/a
Quick MorphOS recompile of "ramspeed" by Rhett M. Hollander.
tokai is crazy!
.download: sox 12.17.4 [MorphOS] sox 12.17.4 [MorphOS] 12.17 2004/04/18 822.5 KiB  .lha n/a
Universal sound sample translator, "noixemul" build with libmad and libmp3lame support.
tokai is crazy!
.download: sploiner [68k/MorphOS/UNIX] sploiner [68k/MorphOS/UNIX] 1.01 2003/10/19 102.5 KiB  .lha n/a
Split, Join & Recover tool by Richard Jørgensen. Versions for AmigaOS/68k, MorphOS/PowerPC, PC-MSDOS/x86 and UNIX/Sparc included.
tokai is crazy!
.download: subversion 1.0.4 [MorphOS] subversion 1.0.4 [MorphOS] 1.0 2004/05/27 2241.2 KiB  .lha n/a
Version control system, which allows you to keep old versions of source codes. Archive contains MorphOS binaries of svn and svnversion and required documentation.
tokai is crazy!
.download: wget 1.9.1 [MorphOS] wget 1.9.1 [MorphOS] 1.9 2004/03/19 357.6 KiB  .lha n/a
Binary release of the GNU download tool for MorphOS/ PowerPC.

{releases: sources}

Here you can find the sources for all programs from this page which are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or another license which requires availability of the (changed) source code.
.download: LAME source 3.96 LAME source 3.96 3.96 2004/04/13 1224.8 KiB  .gz n/a
Platform independent source archive of lame 3.96
tokai is crazy!
.download: miau source 0.5.3 miau source 0.5.3 0.5 2004/06/08 198.1 KiB  .gz n/a
Platform independent source archive of miau 0.5.3 'hairball'
tokai is crazy!
.download: mmsclient source 0.0.3 mmsclient source 0.0.3 0.03 2004/04/17 114.7 KiB  .gz n/a
Platform independent source archive of mmsclient 0.0.3.
tokai is crazy!
.download: ogmtools source 1.4.1 ogmtools source 1.4.1 1.4.1 2004/10/05 211.4 KiB  .bz2 n/a
Platform independent source archive of ogmtools 1.4.1
tokai is crazy!
.download: wget source 1.9.1 wget source 1.9.1 1.9 2004/04/17 1291.4 KiB  .gz n/a
Platform independent source archive of wget 1.9.1.
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