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.download: Mac Pointer Settings Mac Pointer Settings 1.0 1999/01/03 1.9 KiB  .lha Show
Predefined pointer presets, brings Mac OS pointer to Workbench.
tokai is crazy!
.download: MorphOS Skin #1 MorphOS Skin #1 1.0b 2003/08/24 75.3 KiB  .lha Show
Nice skin for Morphos Intuition. It's small and doesn't need much space on screen.
tokai is crazy!
.download: SongPlayer Gadgets SongPlayer Gadgets 1.0 1998/11/09 29.0 KiB  .lha Show
Alternative gadgets for Stéphane Tavenard's Songplayer v1.53.
tokai is crazy!
.download: tk86.anrskin tk86.anrskin 1.0 2003/11/10 9.8 KiB  .lha Show
Skin for AmiNetRadio (http://anr.amigazeux.net) with traditional AmigaOS 1.3 colors.
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