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.download: Blur [MorphOS] Blur [MorphOS] 1.0 2003/07/13 6.2 KiB  .lha Show
Well known demo effect presented in a 16:9 window.
tokai is crazy!
.download: MisterBanana [MorphOS] MisterBanana [MorphOS] 1.3 2005/05/06 32.5 KiB  .lha Show
Little fellow for your Desktop. He knows the truth about the next MorphOS and why OS4 is not called AmigaOS. He's the always happy "Deep Throat" of the Amiga Community.
tokai is crazy!
.download: Starfield [68k/MorphOS] Starfield [68k/MorphOS] 1.0 2003/07/13 13.0 KiB  .lha Show
Old-scool "starfield" animation presented in a 16:9 window. A 68k version is also included, but probably slow like hell!
tokai is crazy!
.download: VisualBoyAdvance [MorphOS] VisualBoyAdvance [MorphOS] 1.7 2005/05/02 461.1 KiB  .lha n/a
MorphOS port of the well-known GameBoyAdvance emulator (very slow, but works ;)
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