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{release log}

{2005/09/27}wave.player 3.10, aiff.player 3.3 and au.player 3.2 for AmiNetRadio added.
{2005/09/16}Vectoroids 1.1.0 added.
{2005/05/06}MisterBanana 1.3 updated.
{2005/05/02}yarandom-handler 1.0 added, inserted nowhere 1.0 and VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2 into the database.
{2005/01/24}rainbow riot 0.46a updated.
{2005/01/23}rainbow riot 0.46 (icon set) added.
{2005/01/16}serialecho 50.0 added.
{2005/01/08} Following Tux goes MorphOS packages added: Logo (large), cmatrix 1.2a, curl 7.12.3, cvs 1.12.11, db 4.3.27, epic4 2.2, expat 1.95.8, gettext 0.14, glib 2.6.0, krb5 1.3.6 and nano 1.2.3.
{2004/12/29}OpenTTD svn1282 added.
{2004/11/06}euph0ria 1.2 added.
{2004/11/05}get9.library 1.0 (user archive) and snes9xstarter 2.3 added.
{2004/11/03}ramspeed 1.42 and OpenTTD SVN snapshot (v501) added.
{2004/11/02}bin2c 1.1 and RLEpack 1.1updated. dt2raw 1.0 and rleunpack.c (source snipplet) added.
{2004/10/22}RLEpack 1.0 added.
{2004/10/21}bin2c 1.0 added.
{2004/10/10}MisterBanana 1.2 added.
{2004/10/05}ogmtools 1.4.1 released.
{2004/09/18}MemEater 1.1 (incl. source) added.
{2004/08/09}statline 0.10 (beta) released.
{2004/07/21}Euph0ria 1.0 released.
{2004/06/21}mkvtoolnix 0.9.1 added.
{2004/06/18}CPU Monitor updated to version 1.4.
{2004/06/10}CPU Monitor updated to version 1.3.
{2004/06/08}miau 0.5.3 (hairball) added.
{2004/05/27}subversion 1.0.4 added.
{2004/04/26}CPU Monitor updated to 1.1
{2004/04/25}CPU Monitor 1.0 added.
{2004/04/18}Sound eXchange 12.17.4 added.
{2004/04/13}lame 3.96 (incl. Source) added.
{2004/04/03}Icon for AmiFish and snes9xstarter added.
{2004/03/23}MorphOS ShowDebug script updated and playdvd script added.
{2004/03/22}Icon for Frodo added.
{2004/03/21}statline 0.7 added.
{2004/03/19}wget 1.9.1 added.
{2004/02/29}VirusZ icon added.
{2004/02/08}experimantal #1 and experimental #2 to samples section added and Voodoo-X Icon to icons section added.
{2004/02/07}Monitor newicon added.
{2004/02/02}Mame Bubbles Vol.2 added.
{2004/01/28}Tales of Tamar Icon added.
{2004/01/26}Chess Icon, RC Icons and Butterfly Icon added.
{2004/01/18}CRC32 1.0 and Chaos 2004 (fractal calendar) added.
{2004/01/17}MorphOS version of LAME 3.95.1 released (non-ixemul binaries and source tarball).
{2004/01/11}Block 2.05 and cmp 40.6 added.
{2003/12/24}Euph0ria 0.24 added.
{2003/11/12}MLdonkey added.
{2003/11/10}tk86.anrskin added.
{2003/10/18}MorphOS port of Sploiner added.
{2003/10/10}MorphOS port of mmsclient 0.0.3 released.
{2003/10/05}MorphOS version of LAME 3.93.1 (binary and source) added.
{2003/09/04}dnetc Cowicons uploaded.
{2003/08/25}Funny uptime contest script for AmIRC 3.x released.
{2003/08/24}Uploaded Blur demo and updated/finished "MorphOS Skin #1"
{2003/07/13}Oldscool: starfield uploaded.
{2003/07/12}Showdebug 1.0 shellscript released.
{2003/07/11}As requested by MorphOS users I've uploaded my unfinished Intuition-Skin "MorphOS Skin #1".
{2003/07/08}Released version 40.5 of Cmp.
{2003/07/03}Uploaded new version of Block. New for 2.04 is the win32 port and some minor changes in versions tag.
{2003/07/03}started with the log... propably that's good to keep track of the releases. At least I hope so...we'll see. :)
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