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finally donkey has come to MorphOS! The very event of me releasing something really useful will create a massive paradox that will implode the entire known universe. Reality wasn't meant to take that kind of a beating! Maybe someday I'll finish something useful. Anyway, until then you can find one of my lesser creations here:

{Euph0ria 1.2 for MorphOS/ PowerPC}

Visual plugin for AmiNetRadio, Kaya or AmigaAMP.


· PowerPC native (MorphOS)
· compatible with with AmigaAMP plugin API
· more than 1800 possible effect combinations
· GUI uses Magic User Interface by Stefan Stuntz
· highly configurable (effect options, task priority, framerate, etc.)
· 3 different fullscreen modes (Overlay and WPA)
· amazing colour sets by cecilia
· addictive inbuild game "Snake" with highscores
· configurable levelmeters
· informative on-screen displays (OSD) for framerate and effects
· it is freeware


· MorphOS 1.3 or better
· compatible player (AmiNetRadio, Kaya, AmigaAMP)
· 2 MB or more free memory
· 1 MB free harddisk space
· get9.library 1.0
· some cool tunes :)

Screenshots: [ 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 ]
.download: Euph0ria [MorphOS] Euph0ria [MorphOS] 1.2 2004/11/05 108.1 KiB  .lha Vorsch.
Visuelles Plugin für AmiNetRadio, Kaya oder AmigaAMP mit mehr als 1800 verschiedenen Effektkombinationen und vielen interessanten Funktionen. Benötigt MUI.
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